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Ansh Market

On the El Camino Real in Mountain View, CA. Abhi and Shalini are the driving force of Ansh Market, named after their son.

Abhi and Shalani migrated to the United States from their native Fiji in 2000. They spent their first ten years in the hospitality industry before deciding to take the plunge and open a small grocery store on October 15th, 2010.

The store is a family operation, you will regularly see all three of them stocking shelves and ringing up customers. Even Ansh (4) is helping around the store. Ansh got his name from combining his mother and father’s names. When asked what he hopes to be when he grows up, Ansh puts out his hands, palms up, and says, “I want to own a store, of course!”

Ansh Market’s customers regularly deposit their gently used clothes into the USAgain collection bin and are happy to have a place in the neighborhood to do so. Having the support of a family business like Ansh Market, makes USAgain’s ties to the community much stronger. We are proud to partner with them, and thank them for their commitment to sustainable practices.


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